20 Things…

One of the things I love to read on other people’s blogs is random quirky facts about the author. Here’s 2o random things about me…just don’t be scared off by the weirdness. I assure you I’m completely normal ;)

1. When I was pregnant I was terrified my daughter wouldn’t like me. I’ve never been good with kids, being awkward and nervous around them so I was convinced my kid would hate me. Obviously I was thrilled when she didn’t and actually prefers me (most of the time, right Grandma?)

2.I watch Young & the Restless (it’s on right now actually) and am not ashamed to admit it. Ok a little, but oh well. By the way, where the hell do they keep the kids on tv? In a closet until they’re conveniently brought out for a prop?!?

3. I refuse to give high fives. I find them so embarrassing and awkward. My boss in high school tried to give me one in front of a bunch of customers and I told him I don’t “do” high fives and left him hanging. It didn’t hurt that he was an ass.

4. I’ve become more outgoing and a little less shy since becoming a mom. Lucy can be a buffer in public and I’m pretty sure she needs other kids to play with so I was forced to make mommy friends.

5. All my drinks have to be ice-cold, as in with more ice than liquid. Bonus points if it’s slushy.

6. I’m not a fan of short form typing. OMG, lol, brb…I’d rather take the extra second to write it out. This makes tweeting interesting sometimes.

7. I very rarely use nicknames. Everyone calls my boyfriend Bubba, everyone, including his family, but because he was introduced to me as Justin I will never be able to call him Bubba. It just doesn’t sound right to me. The exception to this is Lucy, who I call a dozen different things a day. Oh and my best friend Chelsea, who I call Chels. Real creative I know ;)

8. One of my biggest pet peeves is taking a clean dish from the cupboard and have it be wet. Ugh dry them before you put them away! Too bad I’m living with my mother who is the queen of putting away wet dishes.

9. When I sing along to music, I think I sound just like the singer and really get into the music. Especially songs like this and this. Never in front of other people of course ;)

10. I think three little dots (…) is the most useful punctuation ever. I don’t like grammar so I just plug this in when I’m unsure of what is supposed to go there.

11. Holy frig I’m only at 10 and I’ve been adding stuff to this list for days. I’m obviously very boring and normal ;)

12. I refuse to dance in front of people unless I’m VERY drunk. All through high school I had this shoulder dance I did when I really wanted to bust out some moves. My friends called it the shoulder dance…super creative bunch we are. But I still bust it out on our girl nights together and am trying to teach it to Lucy now. 

13. My dream is to live in a city in a warm climate (hint, California), bike everywhere, shop at the farmer’s market, go to parks all day and hang out with good friends. Have a cute little house decorated with things I love that have been collected over my lifetime, a wrap around porch with bench swing and lantern lights and a huge backyard. Realistic right?

14. I hate milk for the sole reason that I think it’s gone bad as soon as it’s opened. I can drink chocolate milk as long as its brand new and slushy from the freezer. I bought a litre of it today and will have to drink it all tonight or throw it out.

15. If I could, I would go to the movie theater every day. I love watching previews, forgetting what movie I’m about to see, and then getting excited when I remember.

16. I am not claustrophobic at all. I would love to have a 4 poster bed that’s covered on the top and all sides. It’s cozy to me, not scary.

17. I cry easily, especially after having Lucy. If there’s a kid hurt on tv…I cry. I’m crying now watching If You Really Knew Me on MTV.  I almost cry every night reading Mama Do You Love Me? to Lucy. Big cry baby over here.

18. I’m completely socially awkward, as in I stick my foot in my mouth all the time. “ugh I hate chinese symbol tattoos! Who in their right mind would get one?!? Oh you have one? Oh well yours is nice. tee hee hee” Ya fun times. Also, a lot of people think I’m being serious when I’m being sarcastic…so there’s probably a lot of people who think I’m a total asshole.

19. I have 2 tattoos and really want a bunch more. I have a specific one in mind but I always wait at least a year after I decide what I want to see if I still want the same one. Obviously not any chinese symbols ;)

20. I secretly love all those old school surveys that used to get emailed around. You know before facebook and twitter when we actually used email. Probably cause I’m really nosy about the little details of people’s live. I guess that’s what blogs are for…


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