21 Months

Lucy 177, originally uploaded by Meagan & Lucy.

Although not technically 21 months until the 19th but whatever…

Lucy is finally at that stage where she plays make-believe with her dolls / stuffed animals and I have to say its the cutest thing to watch. It also shows me what she’s learning from me, giving hugs and kisses and rubbing their heads. I have to say it’s an incredible feeling to know that she expresses her love to toys the same way I do to her. I love that she understands the concept of caring for someone and shows it.

She loves feeding them and will say “Ojo? Milk? ok.” (Ojo is her bear) or if she drops her bear she rubs her head and says “head? ok”.

In the last week, she’s started to put two or three words together and will now say “mommy look” or whoever she’s addressing and will repeat almost any word we ask her to. I haven’t counted her words since 17 months but I’d estimate at least 70 or so that she says and understands.

Lucy’s starting to love clothes and will sometimes tell me what she wants to wear and then say “pretty!” Even going so far as to tell me what she didn’t like on me when I was trying on clothes at Old Navy yesterday and she was totally serious. Who does this kid think she is?!?

I’ve moved her bedtime from 7:30 to 8:30 and it seems to work better for her, sleeping till anywhere from 7:00am to sometimes even 9:00am and not waking up during the night. I still can’t believe I waited till she was 11 months old to put her in her crib awake. Seriously only cried for 5 minutes for 2 nights and then would ask to go to bed!

She knows most of her colours: blue, pink, green, orange, brown, white, black, purple but still has a little trouble with yellow sometimes.

But one of the most wonderful things I love about Lucy is that she knows her own mind and is very determined about what she likes and doesn’t like. She’s independent, loving, smart and sooooo happy. This makes me happy. My greatest achievement if I do say so myself :)


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One response to “21 Months

  1. Tunja

    So this is the wonderful world of blogging?! I hope I’m doing this right….I’ve never posted stuff online before :)

    This blog will be particularly great for Lucy when she gets older. It’s kind of like an online baby book! Love it!

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