It’s the little things…

I find that some people think kids need to be entertained all.the.time (my mother) and others (like me) who think they learn imagination and how to entertain themselves when left alone for a while. Now obviously she’s too young to totally leave her alone, but she does play in her room by herself and I don’t give her toys to occupy her 24/7.

All of  this was to say that Lucy spent a good 1/2 hour today putting a tube of sunscreen on her knee and being mesmerized at the white circle it left and that dissapeared after a few seconds. She then did on my leg and I tell ya, the look of wonder on her face was too funny. Wish I had my camera with me.

These kids, so funny what they find entertaining

And here’s a cute video of Lucy reading with her Aunt Tanya (her favorite person in the whole wide world…seriously will barely look at me when she’s around).

*sorry for the link, apparently Im too cheap to upgrade to video yet and don’t know how to insert it any other way.


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One response to “It’s the little things…

  1. Tunja

    I agree – it’s amazing what kids can learn when left to explore for themselves.

    I remember this book – it was a new one you’d just bought that day :)

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