Last night my Mom was singing at a church fundraiser so we got all dressed up to go, Lucy in her new dress and leggings her Aunt Tanya gave her and me in a summer dress with leggings and a cardigan. Exciting stuff right? Well I got in the car, looked down and all I could see were BOOBS. Serious cleavage and not much I could do about it. Did I run in and change? Of course not cause I’m classy like that. I even took a picture but I’ll spare that from you guys, although they did look pretty hot ;)

     I am not a morning person, at all, but needless to say Lucy is and usually wakes up around 7:30 if I’m lucky. I’ve started a bad habit of getting back in bed with her, turning on Treehouse and going back to sleep for an hour or so. Well Lucy tells me when she’s ready for breakfast by hitting me in the face and saying “toast”. This morning she wakes me up and says “cocle? pink?” as in pink popsicle. Now I have my bad mom moments but I’m not about to let her have a popsicle for breakfast so I say no. She then says “yogurt?” plain as day! She has never said yogurt before and  she didn’t even mispronounce it! She’s learning so much so fast, like I can’t keep up with her. We used to always ask her to repeat words and she would most of the time, but the other day I realized I don’t ask her open-ended questions very often. So I sat down with her and had a real conversation with her and she answered all my questions!! So awesome I could explode! I love this kid!!!!

     Also, I’ve drooling over these bags and finally bought my favorite one today!! They are seriously too gorgeous for words and even Canadian made, which makes them extra awesome ;) You should follow her on twitter cause not only is she super talented she’s really, really nice. Typical Canadian of course ;)



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2 responses to “Randomness…

  1. You rock my socks… enough said.

    This girl has nice boobs AND a fabulous bag.

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