Dear Lucy,


I want to take this age and bottle it up…this wonderful, loving, joyful age where I am the one you run to when you’re hurt or scared, knowing that I can kiss it all better. When you’re a teenager and most likely annoyed with me I can take it out and remind you of how much we love each other, and that I would and have done everything for you. 

I know I am not a perfect Mama. I yell sometimes, frustrated and impatient when you’re making a mess and have to remind myself you’re only a baby and that babies need to have fun and get messy sometimes. I’m trying so hard to be patient and roll with the flow, but it’s not in my nature, so forgive me if I fall off track sometimes.  Not every day can be perfect, but each day is a new chance to try to make it as perfect as can be.

 I want you to look back on your childhood and know that I had a role in shaping you into the confident, generous, smart, HAPPY women I know you will be. I say I Love You so many times a day, I’m afraid you won’t even notice after a while, but I also try show you how much I love you in my actions. Actions speak louder than words and I hope you always remember that.

Mainly, I hope you will always think of me as your safe place, because you’re mine.

Love, Mama


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