Summer Fun

Today was a major fail…missed nap = major crankiness (on mine and Lucy’s part) but the whole week hasn’t been a fail.

We’ve had fun with the hose…


Lucy tested out her new swing. “higher, mom, higher!”…

We went to my cousin’s annual BBQ on Saturday and Lucy tried the trampoline for the first time. She was amazing! She stayed away from the edge for the most part and bounced up a storm :)

I tried to get a nice picture of the both of us, but these two were the best I got. Actually I do have one better but it looks like I have three boobs, so not so much internet worthy.

There’s hope for tomorrow…maybe a trip to the park, (a 25 min drive…did I mention I need to move?) and definitely a nap for miss Lucy.

*In the last 2 days Lucy has said: “okay, I will”, “I love you” (heart. has. melted), “careful please”, “big house/big tower” (while building blocks) for the first time. In the last week or two she has finally started to put 2 and 3 words together without a pause and is saying new things literally everyday. It’s all happening so fast!



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2 responses to “Summer Fun

  1. emily bilbrey

    super cute post! lucy is SO SMART – already putting her words together? that’s fantastic! way to go, mama! (:

    what a lil’ sweetie. love the trampoline pics. such a doll.


  2. Well thank you :) I can’t get over how fast the language starts developing when they get around this age. Seriously, everyday it’s something new! My favorite age by far :)

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