Babysitting Fun…

So, I sent Lucy to a babysitter for the first time today, other than family of course. A stranger, if that’s what you want to call her…and that’s exactly what I started to think about on my way to her house. We live a small town, so you see the same people all the time, and we met this teenager (rebecca) at the grocery store one day who Lucy fell in love with. She clung to her and cried when I took her away. From then on every time we saw her, Lucy would run to her. Of course I asked if she ever babysat for other people. Turns out she has all her courses and CPR so I arranged to have her babysit while I worked for 3 hours today.

 Well, I had asked around about her and everyone I talked to said she was a wonderful babysitter and all the kids love her, so I didn’t even worry about it until I was driving there. Then all I could think about was will she yell at Lucy, or get mad and hit her, or not feed her, or whatever horror story I had heard before. I expected tears from Lucy when I told her I was leaving. Instead, she ran into the house saying “becca!” and didn’t even look back at me. She was totally fine, it was all me who was worried.

When I went to pick her up, Becca said the only thing she did was throw her plate at lunch so I was pretty proud of my baby :)


Me: “Lucy, what did you do at Becca’s today?”

Lucy: “hit”

Me: “who did you hit?”

Lucy: “Becca”

Me: “why did you hit becca?”

Lucy: ::pouty face:: “mad!”

Me: “are you supposed to hit becca?”

Lucy: “no!”

So really, becca was probably trying to be nice and Lucy totally ratted herself out…or she was lying. You never know with this kid…


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