SSPX0461, originally uploaded by Meagan & Lucy.

So I had a long post written out about what a hard night I had today, but no one wants to read that. Instead I’ll give you a cute video of Lucy trying to say I Love You. She can say it now but still gets it messed up sometimes.

Oh and at the end, she spies some M&M’s and wants some. When she wants something she’s not allowed to have she always asks like this. So cute and I’m glad I captured it on video.

By the way…I feel so much happier after watching this :)


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  1. Tunja

    She’s too cute when she asks for a special treat – almost like she’s bargaining (just one!) if it’s something she knows she shouldn’t really have :) She makes it hard to say no…especially when she adds in ‘please’ :)

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