I’ve caught the bug…

I’m giddy with excitement tonight…an excitment I haven’t felt in a long time. To say I’ve been in a slump lately is a bit of an understatement, more like a depression. There’s been a lot of BIG life decisions on my mind that need to be figured out, but I’ve found a bit of inspiration today.

My Mom’s cousin (Lizzy) is in town from Newfoundland (where I actually just spent my vacation…I should write about that soon eh?) and I decided on a whim to get her to show me how to use my hand-me-down sewing machine I got last year. Now this is where I should mention that Lizzy is a lot like my Grandma and is one of those older woman who love passing their knowledge down to the younger generation and I’m taking full advantage of that while she’s here. She taught me the basics this morning and then took me to the sewing store and bought me a few supplies to start with. I’ll be getting more tomorrow when we head to the big city and can find more fabrics and less expensive supplies. So so friggin excited, you have no idea!

I’ve never been crafty or creative, or at least I never thought I could be. But why let everyone else have all the fun? I can do this too! So tonight we got started on a baby quilt for Lucy’s doll Lulu. It’s like 2′ by 2′ but that’s all I want to start with to get the feeling of it.

The sewing bug has bitten me and I can’t believe how great I feel about it. The best part of it, there’s no expectations about this, so no pressure on me if I turn out to be horrible ;)

I want to be able to pass things on to Lucy like making bread, bottled beets and pickles and quilts. All things that my Mom’s and Grandma’s generation did out of necessity and as a way to spend time with their families, all while doing something useful. Basically, get down to doing more meaningful things together instead of being sucked into watching TV. (As a side…the tv wasn’t even turned on today…major win for family time!)

This may seem like such a small thing, but to me, having a “substitute Grandma” is so precious. I think people who have their Grandparents still alive should soak up as much knowledge from them as possible. I know if I still had mine I wouldn’t take them for granted.

I can’t wait to see where this takes me!!


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  1. Tunja

    This is great – everyone should have a hobby!

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