A perfect day

Today was one of those perfect summer days you want to bottle up and keep forever :) I got to sleep in till 10:30, then headed to the farmer’s market (for the 1st time..what was I waiting for?!?) and then came home to and had a little nap. When I woke up some of my family had arrived for Jiggs dinner (a traditional Newfoundland supper) and then we headed outside and had a fire with Mom playing the ukulele while her and my Uncle Jerry sang. Who can ask for anything more?

Tomorrow is the last day for my mom’s cousins to be here and Im a little sad to see them go. I’ve had such a great time with them and have learned so much from Lizzie while they were here. They’re they type of people who make themselves at home while visiting and are so comfortable to just be with, no plans necessary. Our plan tomorrow are to finish my mini quilt and for me to soak in as much knowledge from Lizzie as possible.

Last night Lizzie taught me how to make pickled beets and I made dill pickles for the first time. The beets were delicious and we ate them with supper today…everyone was impressed ;) I can’t wait to try my pickles in 8 long weeks! I don;t think I can wait that long!

Soaking the cucumbers…

LOTS of garlic and dill…yum!

Beets after being boiled…pretty yucky looking at this point.

Lizzie cutting up the beets.

 All done! Yummy :)



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2 responses to “A perfect day

  1. Chels

    Sounds like a nice day! I wanna learn how to make dill pickles, mmm. So cool!

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