Do I have to do a title for every post?!?

So today I went to Value Village to look for some old sheets and stuff for my sewing projects and holy crap I think I hit the jackpot! I have never been there before so I was thinking I might find  few things if I was lucky so I had no idea what you could get there.

I ended up spending $55 and got 4 queen size sheets, 5 pillow cases, 4 flannel baby blankets, one pair of shoes for Lucy, as well as a skirt, shirt and jumper for Lucy. I am so excited to start on an all flannel quilt for Lucy! I was so inspired with projects that I can’t wait to get back home next week and start sewing!!!

I am loving my home ec class so much, especially our flickr group where people are so nice and supportive with their comments on everyone’s work! Since I’m a beginner, it’s so nice to hear people say nice things about my projects :)

Here’s Lucy in her new shoes I got today…how cute!!


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