There goes my vanity…

I’m taking some inspiration from Tia, from the blog Christopher and Tia, where she wrote in this post about posting pictures she wasn’t 100% happy** with and am showing you some pictures I wouldn’t normally show anyone. I want to remember this simple moment of going down a slide with Lucy where I felt like a kid again and these pictures just seem so happy to me, it would be a shame to throw them away because they’re blurry or because you can see just how big I really am. I would rather look back at this and remember the way Lucy’s hair was all crazy filled with static or how excited she was when she saw me waiting at the top of the slide and realized I was going down with her, than worry about my vanity.

**I do have to say that Tia’s “bad” pictures are way better than any of my “good” ones! Tia, hope you don’t mind me taking inspiration from you ;)



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3 responses to “There goes my vanity…

  1. I made myself post photos I didn’t like once, probably 18 months ago, and it was really hard for me. Your photos are a lovely memorable moment and the world needs more of those! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. Thank you so much! It really was hard to put those out there but I’m happy I did :)

  3. Chelsea

    Love the slide pics.

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