New Home Ec Projects :)

So I finished my 3rd and 4th home ec projects yesterday and today :) I’m still really behind with being away for a week but thankfully I’ll have access to all the projects till August of next year so I can take my time! First I made the gift bag which I had a few problems with along the way…mostly with hand sewing part of the section for the ribbon. It was such a simple step but I have no patience with hand sewing now that I use my machine ;)

I also find there’s usually at least one point during each project where I think it will end up looking horrible, but it seems to turn out okay in the end. Obviously not perfect but that’s the point of learning…so I can do it better next time :)

This was made out of an old pillowcase I found at Value Village for $1.99…score!

The next project was this banner made with felt, ribbon and fabric. I really thought through the whole process of making this that I hated it and it would turn out really bad…but I actually really like it. My first problem was the fabric I had picked out for the front was white with dark and light blue flowers (the same one I used here) looked way too busy and the letters got lost on it. I decided to flip over the fabric where you could just faintly see the pattern but not enough to overwhelm the letters.

Next problem I found was the fabric was really heavy so when I tried to mold it around the cardboard it would come out with corners instead of in a cricle. I ended up just cutting the fabric using the stencil instead of folding it. Worked out fine like that.

I also learned that next time I really need to use a stencil for the letters…cutting them out freehand is not my strong suit. Especially after realizing I had written them on the felt with black marker and forgot to do it backwards so the marker would have shown. Good thing I had more felt ;)

Lucy loves it so that’s the main thing, right?

Now I’m off to make another drawstring bag for my Dad to put all his electrical chords in at work. Obviously in manly colours…per his request ;)



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7 responses to “New Home Ec Projects :)

  1. a drawstring bag for cords? I’m in love. I need 20.

  2. Hey classmate!
    Great job on your projects so far! I really like the fabric you used for your drawstring bag. And I had the same problem with my “squared” circle bunting! From afar it looks okay, but up close it’s a little rough. At least the kiddos like it, right? Can’t wait to see more projects!

    • Thank so much! I love all your projects as well :) Im especially jealous of your awesome polka dot oil cloth!! I’ve been searching for some lately and can’t find anything even half as cute :(

      • Yeah, I was pretty excited when I found it. Unfortunately that gem of a store is 3 hours away, so I won’t be able to go shopping there too often. Maybe that’s a good thing though…lots of cute stuff means spending lots of $$$!

        Did you try Etsy? I think some of our classmates found some there…

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