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So…some big changes have been happening lately. The biggest one is that I’m now single. Lucy’s Dad and I broke up last week but I haven’t really wanted to write about it. I still hadn’t planned on mentioning it until I sat down to write this but i figured it’s a pretty big thing going on with me and it’s not like it’s a secret. It ended surprisingly well as far as break ups go, and I think we both were focusing on Lucy and making sure all our major decisions were in her best interest. Don’t get me wrong, it was emotional, but we had two more days together and had plans to go to Marineland so we made the best out of Lucy’s last couple days with her Daddy till he went back to work. At one point we even mentioned how our last two days together were the best days we had together in a long time…a little ironic, eh?

Marineland was amazing! Lucy was in awe the whole time and so excited to see all these animals she had only seen pictures of :) We even pet a beluga whale which was pretty cool! I think the dolphins were our favorite…so much so that we went to the dolphin show twice ;) We got some awesome pictures but I’ll have to post them later since they’re not on my computer…

I’ve also been looking for a job and have sent out a bunch of resumes with no luck yet. I’ve been thinking that I could eventually make some money selling some of the crafts I’ve been working on lately but thought it would be a long shot seeing as how I’m just learning. I did make this holder for my diapers and wipes to go in my purse since I stopped using a diaper bag (and i didn’t want them just floating around in my purse) that I really liked so I showed my friend that runs a consignment store and she offered to sell them for me :) I’m pretty happy about it since I had planned on asking her if she would be willing to do that, but really loved that she brought it up first! So…tonight I made another one and will be going scavenging this weekend for more fabric that I love to make some more. I won’t really make a lot of money on them but if I find they’re selling I might start up an Etsy shop and see how that goes…I also can’t wait to tweak them  bit and change up a few things to make them a bit more fun:)

Oh and my cousin had a baby girl this week and named her Gracie May!! I love that name and if you knew her last name it sounds even better along with it. I know May is her middle name but I don’t think I’ll be able to just call her Gracie…Gracie May it is! I even tried to convince Lucy she had to give all her soothers to the new baby in the family since she’s not a baby anymore…you can imagine how well that went ;) I can’t wait to get rid of this cold so I can go meet her!

On a completely unrelated note…see this hair? That’s what it looks like today…

I miss it when it was like this…

It was so curly without me doing anything to it! I’m debating whether I should cut it again or grow it out. I’ve been convinced for a while to grow it out but looking at these old pictures makes me wanna chop it again…but finding a hairdresser who cuts curly really well is hard to find. Even the girl who gave me this cut butchered it the second time I went to her…it’s more than a little frustrating.

Now that I’ve rambled on forever it’s now 1:45am an I have to go to sleep…

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3 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-changes…

  1. Tunja

    Looks like Lucy had a really great day!

  2. Lucy is adorable! I’m sorry to hear about your seperation, but you sound like you are doing well. When my son’s father and I officially split – we also had some of the best days together just co-parenting immediately after we decided. It’s like the pressure is off and you can go back to enjoying each other.

    prayers you find a job quickly, this is a difficult economy.

    • Thank you so much! I am doing well, but there are a lot of things that have to be worked out still. I’m pretty optimistic that we’ll be able to work together and keep things positive :) Did you have any problems with visitation or anything? I think that will be our biggest hurdle…

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