The last couple of weeks…in pictures

We went to Yo Gabba Gabba on Sept. 19 and took Lucy’s friend Brooke and her Mom…she seriously loves Brooke! I can’t even mention her name unless we plan on seeing her that day or it’s all “go see Brooke! go see Brooke!”

Lucy is basically a hoarder now…she pushes around this shopping cart full of junk and refuses to let me take anything out of it. Now she also has this old bag she carries as well full of more junk that she takes out at the weirdest place and talks to it. I know, weird. But cute, right?

I took out the box of winter clothes the other day and we had a little fashion show…mostly trying stuff on to make sure it all fits. We put on her jacket and boots and she immediatly ran to her room and came back with her flower headband so I could take pictures :) Full disclosure here…she only wanted me to take one picture but I bribed her with a popsicle. After that, she let me take as many as I wanted ;)

I love how Lucy is hamming it up here!

And now looking at Lucy’s pictures make me wanna go wake her up and eat her cheeks off ;)


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