Home Ec Quilt Project

The last project in our Home Ec class is a full size quilt…I’m no where near the end of the projects, but really wanted to make a quilt for Lucy’s 2nd birthday so I decided to tackle it.

I found some flannel baby blankets and sheets at Value Village a while ago and was really inspired to make a super cozy quilt that Lucy will enjoy for (hopefully) the rest of her life. The flannel was really hard to work with since it was old and had been washed so much it had lost it’s thickness, which made it stretch out of shape a lot.

I’m super happy with how it turned out, including all it’s imperfections. To be honest, I thought every step I went through was the hardest and kept thinking it would never work out. I need to learn to cut myself a break, I’m just learning and nothing is perfect the first time you do it.

I’m so proud that I was able to finish a quilt that I think is beautiful and made with love for the most important person in my life. There were many nights after Lucy went to bed where I was so frustrated with how the day had turned out, I would start working on this quilt and all my stress went away. How could you possibly be in a bad mood when creating something so important?



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6 responses to “Home Ec Quilt Project

  1. Chelsea

    It’s awesome Megan. It’s so big, I love it!!

  2. Hey classmate! Your quilt is absolutely amazing. I’m so happy to hear sewing has become such a stress-reliever. It’s nice to have that outlet in your life.

    I’ve been slowly plodding through the projects, but all I want to do is the quilt. Now that I see that you jumped some of the tutorials to work on the quilt, and it STILL turned out wonderfully, makes me tempted to do the same. :)

    Great, GREAT job!

    • Thank you so much! You should definitely skip ahead if you really want to! I think I made it less complicated by not worrying about laying it out first to make a pattern with the pieces, I just grabbed them from a pile and sewed them together. Other than that it was just a lot of steps…totally do-able!

  3. you should be so proud! you did a great job! wow. i can’t even hem a curtain because i can’t even thread the machine.

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