Lucy Turns Two

I have a two-year old. That is incredibly weird to say, seeing as how I just had her yesterday….(right?!?)

But it’s true…I’ve kept a baby healthy and happy for two whole years. Not only happy and healthy but incredibly smart, funny, loving, joyful and playful. Not to mention conniving, temperamental, quick to hit and not inclined to listen to “no”…let’s just hope we can outgrow those traits.

Lucy’s language has been getting more and more impressive every day…at this point I don’t think there’s anything she can’t say.

She loves the park so we try to go every day. She cries when it rains and I tell her the park has closed (white lies never hurt anyone, right?) and says “bye bye park, thanks for the fun” when we leave.

Every night she asks to go outside to see Luna (the moon) and when she finds it says “oh there it is”. ::holy cuteness kills me::

We started telling her about her birthday three weeks ago, so I think she may believe her birthday lasts all month. It probably doesn’t help that she had three different birthday cakes. She now sings “Happy Birthday to me” and tells me to sing to her.

She’s a total clown…if she does something and anyone laughs, she’ll repeat it and then laugh her ass off over and over again.

Most of all, my heart melts when Lucy leans in to me, puts her arms around me and says with all the love possible “I love you, Mommy”. I’ve heard other parents say how amazing that moment is but I don’t think you can grasp how wonderful it is until it happens to you.

All the stressful moments, the embarrassment when Lucy hits a kid at playgroup, no napping days where she can be a monster, it’s all worth it when I wake up to Lucy calling my name so excited to start the day. During bedtime on our hardest days I tell her tomorrow will be a better day and I think she takes that to heart. She completely believes that every day will get better and I admire that trust. I wonder what age we lose that optimism?

Happy birthday, Lucy Goosey! I love you more than you could know.

Love, Mama


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