Lucy’s Lullaby

When Lucy was maybe a couple of months old, (really my memory is horrible so she could have been 6 months for all I know), she hated going down for naps and I was too much a wimp to just lay her down so it was a battle every day to find something that would make her go to sleep. One day my Mom had Lucy over and was playing old Newfie music, which happens all the time seeing as how she is from Newfoundland (makes sense right?), a song came on and Lucy almost instantly fell asleep.

I figured it was a fluke but I tried it the next day at her nap time and before the song was over she was out like a light. I was amazed! I had never had something put her to sleep that fast other that driving around…skip ahead 2 months later…I had played that song at least 2-3 times a day, everyday, at her nap time while holding her in just the right position (facing away from me, one hand under her bum with the other on her chest and bouncing…seriously) and I hated that song. I don’t know at what point I stopped doing that but I do know for a while the song choice morphed into I Told You So by Carrie Underwood which was mildly more entertaining for me.

Two weeks ago we were listening to our music library on shuffle and that dreaded song came on. (Important to add, Lucy had just woken up from her nap about an hour before so definitely not tired.) Half way through the song her eyes were half closed and her head was flopping. Seriously, you’d think I slipped her an Ambien or something.

Long story short, (or short story made long?) today I burned a copy of the song, put Lucy in the car and put it on. One and a half plays later she was out. I’m seriously thinking of playing it in her room when I put her down for a nap…especially since she’s been boycotting her naps like crazy lately.

I should note, I just listened to it twice on my own so I obviously don’t hate it anymore…it’s actually a really sweet song :) 

*If you go to youtube to watch this, it’s totally worth it to check out some of the other videos…especially the ones of Newfie kitchen parties. That’s what I love about Newfoundland…everyone has certain songs they’re known for singing and there’s always someone with a guitar willing to sing.


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