Steppin’ Out Saturday: Episode 1

I’ve been reading Harper’s Happenings, written by the fabulous Mandy, for a while now and she recently started a link up where she showcases one of her own, as well as daughter Harper’s, outfits from their weekend. Mandy has gorgeous style and I can’t compare at all so I didn’t think I would ever link up, but on Tuesday I got some motivation to move away from my usual uniform of sweats and jeans. We had tickets (free box seats! Thanks Ryan!) to see the Wiggles so I decided to take the opportunity to dress up a bit. Because I don’t have money to go buy a new outfit I decided to focus on the accessories to dress up my regular old clothes.

I really don’t have a lot of accessories since I don’t dress up a lot, but I have been coveting a lot of different necklaces lately. I tried to make a fabric necklace which didn’t work out so I moved onto a t-shirt necklace I remembered seeing before. I found a great tutorial here and had two made in about 10 minutes! I LOVE them so much! I’ll definitely be making more of these and it’ll probably become my go-to accessory.

I also put on makeup for the first time in over a year! Seriously all I ever wear is foundation but I put on eye makeup and blush…which I have to say made an instant difference. Man, I have to say, I never saw why blush was such a big deal but now I’m a believer! I’ll be using that a lot more often now ;)

Putting in just a little extra effort gave me such a great confidence booster that I really think I’ll be making some changes in how I dress. Or at least wearing more earrings and necklaces, especially since Lucy’s at an age now where she won’t tear it all off me :)


Cardigan: Old Navy

Shirt: Old Navy

Cord pants: Addition Elle

Leather messenger bag: Consignment store ($6.99!)

Earrings: too old to remember

Necklace: recycled dress, made by me!

Shoes: Payless


Boots: Old Navy (gifted from my cousin)

Leggings: H & M

Dress: Circa, thrifted for &1.99

Flower headband: Stitches byKrustal on Etsy

Close up of my necklace :)

Close up of my shoes that are THE most comfortable shoes I have ever owned! And I think they’re pretty cute :)




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4 responses to “Steppin’ Out Saturday: Episode 1

  1. hey! thanks so much for stopping by. i love the t-shirt necklace! and i think if there’s only one thing you can put on, blush is it – it really brightens up people’s faces! i love how the necklace pulls out the pink in your cheeks and makes you look all glow-y!

    and of course, lucy is just lovely :) her outfit is beautiful.

    i don’t know what the wiggles is…but i fear it’s not far off until i learn…:)

  2. emily bilbrey

    love this! one of my very favorite things is putting on some nice makeup & clothes to go out – it doesn’t have to be overly fancy, but like you’ve shown here, a little goes a long way and hey it’s FUN to feel pretty!

    the tee shirt necklace is genius. i’m going to google tutorials & try that out! and i will totally credit you if i ever make & feature one! (;

    you are lovely and so is miss lucy. great pictures, great post! hope you had a wonderful evening out. i hope you do more style posts in the future too!


    • Thanks so much! I did have a lot of fun putting this together…almost felt like I did when I was young and single getting ready to go out ;)

      I think you’ll love doing the necklace! The possibilities are endless…I find the stretchy tshirts work the best.

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