Some advice please?!?

I need some advice…

You see, Lucy is a very loving, sweet and compassionate kid, but she’s also a hitter.

Today we went to playgroup and I gave her the usual talk before we went in. “no hitting, no pushing, always share the toys. first hit you get time-out, second one we leave” I always get the same response of ok mommy. She knows she’s not supposed to hit or push, knows the consequences, but continues to hit. Without being provoked, I should add. So…we had to leave playgroup early today. She was devastated but I knew I had to stick to my guns, even though I didn’t want to leave and it punished me too.

Some days she is soooo good. She talks nicely to the other kids and plays really well with them, but other days it’s like she just doesn’t care. The worst day we had was a few weeks ago at playgroup…I saw Lucy walking over to a play bus where some other kids were playing and knew what was going to happen. For the first time ever I wasn’t right with her cause I was holding another Mom’s baby and had to hand the baby back. By the time I got to her, she had one girl by the hair and was hitting her in the face with the other hand…like she was in a hockey fight or something. I was horrified to say the least! Thankfully the kid was fine and her Mom was understanding, but I was so embarrassed and ashamed.

I see so much love in Lucy which is why I’m so confused as to why she continues to act out.

I know I can’t be the only one who has a kid who hits, or used to hit. Does anyone have any advice? Or even just some stories of your kids being a hell raiser? I could use some support now…



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5 responses to “Some advice please?!?

  1. Chelsea

    Hit her back.
    Hahaha I’ll never be able to be a mom!!

  2. Erm, first time mom of a 3-month old here, so I don’t have any advice…I am sorry to say that I laughed a little (and okay a lot) at the part where you said she looked like she’s in a hockey fight! And this is why the universe will pay me back when I have a toddler.
    It sounds like you’re sticking to your guns and being consistent…it’s probably just a phase, right!?

    • God I hope it’s just a phase! She really is an awesome kid…

      Honestly, I was telling another Mom at playgroup about that incident and we both had a bit of a laugh… If only because it was soooo outrageous!

  3. I have a hell-raiser on my hands, and I feel your pain. Mine is 3 right now. I might get better, it might not. But for right now, I love her just the same. Good luck to you, it’s tough, I know.

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