Steppin’ Out Saturday Episode 3

This weeks Steppin’ Out features my brother Ryan and sister-in-law Tanya! We had plans to go to Tanya’s uncle’s house for her Aunt’s birthday (confused yet?) so I decided to wear a jacket I haven’t worn since I bought it a couple of years ago and one of my flower headbands I made to feel a little more dressy than jeans a t-shirt :) I hadn’t planned on taking pictures but when I arrived at Ryan and Tanya’s the first thing Tanya said was that we had to do a Steppin’ Out post :)

They both have great style so it’s pretty easy to include them…in fact maybe I should have said no since they make me look bad ;) I didn’t get any of their clothes info but Ryan told me to make sure to say he got his shoes at Target for $5! and I know Tanya’s shirt came from J-Crew cause I loved it so much I had to ask :)

Lucy already had on a black shirt that Ryan and Tanya bought her but when we got there they had a shirt from their recent Vegas trip for her so we couldn’t resist putting it on her…she loved the sparkle!

I kinda think Ryan and Tanya should start their own fashion blog ;) Ryan is so funny when he buys clothes…making sure to match the smallest details exactly. He showed me his new golf outfit where he bought a purple shirt to match his pants that were gray with the tiniest purple lines through it. Seriously…I had to look for a good minute before I noticed the line. So funny :)

Love you guys! Thanks for such a great weekend…especially letting me sleep in :)

I should also point out I didn’t wear winter jacket and sandles so I had to borrow Ryan’s hoodie and shoes to go to the Santa Clause parade later that night. I really need to start dressing for the snow…damn winter.


Jacket: MXM Addition Elle

T-Shirt: Old Navy

Jeans: Vigoss

Headband: made by me :)


T-Shirt: gift from Aunt Tanya & Uncle Ryan

Long Sleeve shirt: another gift from Aunt Ryan & Aunt Tanya

Jeans: Joe Fresh

Socks: Joe Fresh

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4 responses to “Steppin’ Out Saturday Episode 3

  1. Megan I love your headband and OMG LUCY!!! She looks so cute! The first pic there looks like she’s playing a little air guitar, hehe.

  2. you all are a good looking bunch! And the Las Vegas tee? Love….

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