It doesn’t get better than this…

I had such a great day today! Usually a great day for me would be a quiet day alone to relax but it couldn’t have been any different from that today.My day started bright and early when I woke up at 5:45 to go to work :) Im super excited since I’ve been looking for work for a long time now, putting out resumes and applying to lots of jobs online, but it just so happens I get a job from good old-fashioned word of mouth. We live a very small town where you see a lot of the same people around and eventually you get to talking…well my Mom was talking to a couple who own the bakery and they mentioned they needed a new pastry chef. I went in yesterday to talk to the owner and I started this morning!! God I love  small town life :)

I had a great time even though I was really nervous. I haven’t worked in over two years so diving back into the workforce is stressful…wondering if I can learn new things fast enough, will I screw up and be fired? Well it turned out that I can learn new things! Mommy brain hasn’t completely ruined me ;) To be honest, it felt really great to get out of the house and do something different. Since the bakery is seasonal I only have two more days to do training before Christmas and then won’t start again until after Easter so I’ll still have the rest of the winter off which is kind of nice.

When I got off work Lucy, my Dad and myself headed out to meet my Mom for lunch at the church’s Christmas bazaar where she was working. We had an awesome lunch and visited with lots of people…fun all around :)

After a couple hours of relaxing at home we headed to another town to go on a wagon ride to see lots of beautiful Christmas lights, meet Santa and drink some hot chocolate. It was sooooo cold but Lucy was so amazed by all the Christmas lights it made it worth it. Everytime we would go past more she’s all “did you see those ones?!? I saw more! oooh aaah!” God it’s so exciting to see these things with her! This year she is much more interested and understands what’s happening so it makes Christmas a lot more fun. Needless to say she has me in the Christmas spirit :)

She really did not like Santa! We waited in line for probably 15 minutes and as soon as she got up front she freaked the f out! Absolutely refused to even go near him and clung to me and then my Mom like we were forcing her to pet a crocodile. There goes my plan to get free Santa picture ;) Also…completely forgot my camera so I have NO pictures from tonight…total Mom fail.

To make a perfect day even better she fell asleep on the way home and didn’t even wake up when I took off her snow suit :)

I know this is a lot wordy than I usually am  but I haven’t updated for a while…I also wanna mention that I started selling my diaper clutch’s, fabric flower headbands and t-shirt necklaces at a new consignment shop and I am so excited! I don’t know how they will sell (if at all) but I feel really good about them!  So think good thoughts for me and send out some selling vibes, please? It would mean a lot to me :)

So…now that I’m finally in the Christmas spirit I wanna know if everyone else is too! Are you all looking forward to the holidays so do you even really care?

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!!

Here’s a peak at the headbands Im making in my favorite colour of all time! I might have to make one for myself ;)



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2 responses to “It doesn’t get better than this…

  1. Wow, Meagan! Good things all around for you. You’re a baker and you make your own goods. I’m a little jealous. Sounds like you are so creative :) I love the headband, and yes, you do need to make one for yourself. It looks nice on you.
    Congratulations on your new job. I hope you love it!

  2. Justin

    Congrats on the job and yes u should make 1 for yourself u deserve it ….. Give Lucy kisses for me..

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