What I’m listening to…

I fell into the timesuck that is youtube last week and after clicking a bunch of recommended videos discovered this guy William Elliott Whitmore. I’d never heard of him before but admittedly I’m not up to date on a lot music anymore so I could be the last to know about him. I’m just happy I found him :)

This is the first song I heard of his and I was blown away by his voice…I just wasn’t expecting it at all.

Here’s a goody…I love the way he interacts with the crowd.

You’ll need to skip ahead to 5:10 to get the song but the interview is pretty good too…well except maybe the Haiti comment ;)

Seriously, I think I may be a little in love with this guy…I can’t stop watching his videos. I would love to go to one of his shows, they seem like a blast. (like a blast? I’m obviously busting out the super cool lingo here, watch out)

I hope someone actually listens to these…I love sharing music I love, I just want everyone else to love it as well. This obviously won’t be the case but maybe someone will ;)

And here’s the playlist I’ve had on repeat lately.


What’s everyone listening to lately? I’d love to get some suggestions.



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3 responses to “What I’m listening to…

  1. Oooh, i know i’m late on this but what a lovely voice he has.

  2. Love the playlist! We have similar taste in music. Lately I’ve been on a Joe Purdy kick. A lot of people haven’t heard of him but he has a lot of music on tv, like Grey’s Anatomy and Lost so you might recognize him. His newest album is free until midnight, give him a try! http://joepurdy.com/

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