Sweet Baboo…

I don’t know how we ever came across this but years ago my Mom found a letter, probably in an old book, that was written from a man to his wife who was out-of-town for work (i assume). It’s an incredibly romantic letter and I’ve always wondered who these people were. It was written on November 7, 1983 (which would have made me 6 months old, to the day!) on official Solicitor General of Canada memo paper.

The letter went missing for a while but Mom just found it again this week and I decided to google the name to see if I could find out who they were. Don’t know why I never thought of doing that before! Well I found the women’s name and in her bio for her government position, it says she is married with 6 children to another government official! Now I don’t know for sure if she’s still married to the same man but for the sake of keeping up the romantic notion, I’m going with hoping it is him :)

I’ll write it out in case it’s too hard to read…(my additions will be in brackets)

Dear Sweet Baboo,

          Here I am on a Monday night with little Arthur, knowing my S.B.B (?) was in Montreal and really missing her. I love you so much sweetheart. We have such a good life ahead of us.

         You’re not going to believe it. I’ve been watching a show that started at 8:30. It would finish at 9 and then I’d watch the movie. Well, it’s 9:30 and I just realized what time it is. SHIT.

         It’s pretty good. I think Ringo Starr has been perfectly cast.

         Sweet Baboo; do you think you’ll get tired of me one day? I hope you don’t. I have never been happier in my life. It’s sad that we had to spend so much time apart. Hopefully it’s almost over. The love that I give you will last forever.

        They’re making love now. It makes me think of making love to you. It’s so nice. You’re my princess Sweet Baboo.

        Tonight for dinner I had a coke, the lasagna and three pieces of bread. Not a bad dinner, eh?

        I have a good surprise for you this weekend. I want you to know that it’s for me, but it’s for you more. If I didn’t think you’d enjoy it then I wouldn’t have thought of it. We’re going to have FUN!! Look forward to it. It’s a surprise!

                              If I asked you to marry me again,

                                    WOULD YOU DO IT?

                                               YES, YES, YES (her answer)

                                   I love you my sweetest Baboo of the piperones (?) Your husband. J’aime (love in french)

If this isn’t the sweetest thing ever, I don’t know what is. I’m not putting their names here because I think it’s a pretty private thing, but I’m seriously considering emailing her and letting her know I have it. Then I start thinking that maybe she’s not with the same man and it might be a sensitive subject…who really knows. I know I would love to have this if it was me…

What do you think? Should I send it her way?


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  1. Chelsea

    So cool. Yes, contact her.

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