Jillian Jiggs…

For Lucy’s first birthday she got the book Jillian Jiggs as a gift from her Aunt Tanya and Uncle Ryan and it has become her absolute favorite book ever. It’s usually the first book she asks to have read to her and it’s her only constant in her bedtime reading while the other ones all get switched up.

A while ago, I noticed her starting to read along with me and getting all the words right. Now obviously she isn’t actually reading but just recognizing the pictures and remembering the words that went along with them but I still think it’s pretty awesome :)

I got a video of us reading it last night and I wanted to share it will everyone. She can do all the pages by herself but she was tired last night so I had to help her along but she still sounds super cute!

I can’t wait till she can sit and read chapter books by herself…reading was such a big part of my life when I was a kid so I really hope she follows along in my footsteps in that sense. I can still remember sitting in a huge beanbag chair at the library and reading for hours, or at least what seem like hours to me, and now when we go to the library Lucy sits in the big beanbag chair and reads! Ahhh I love it :)

The video is black since I had my phone laying on the camera but you should still hear it…

Untitled from Meagan Sandberg on Vimeo.


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One response to “Jillian Jiggs…

  1. Tunja

    As if she has memorized most of that book! Too funny :)
    I like the new look on your mainpage…great picture!

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