Lucy’s words

A list I’m going to keep so I can track how Lucy’s language is coming along. Mostly for myself, this would probably be too boring for anyone else to read ;)

As of today July 28, 2010 Lucy (21 months) has had these mastered for a while now. (I’m only started to write this down now…bad Mommy right?)

  • mama, mommy, ma(grandma), papa, daddy, uncle, ryan, tanya, nan, pop
  • juice, apple, pear, milk, water, cheese, cracker, cone (ice cream), chip, coke (she doesn’t drink it, I do), drink, eat, food, toast, ice
  • can say her numbers from 1-10 (not always in order), knows all her letters (still gets a few mixed up sometimes), colours (blue, pink. brown,purple, yellow, white, green, red, black, orange)
  • read, walk, run, hop, bounce, c’mon, here, up, down, jump, big, small, sit, bite
  • tv, bed, chair, table, book, bear, house, room, boots, shoe, block, car, truck, clock, choo choo for train, soother, home, rain, sun, moon
  • hug, kiss, night, please, careful, uh oh, oh my, happy, yes, no, baby, kid, girl, boy, pretty, cute. pee, poop,
  • head, ear, eye, mouth, nose, chin, cheek, hand, feet, knee, elbow, toe, leg, arm, back, hair, teeth,
  • look, hear (points to her ear and says hear and then whatever sound she’s hearing), sound (says this and points to her ear if she doesn’t know what the sound is)
  • owl, bird, frog, bug, fly, cat, dog,

New in the last week:

  • careful please
  • I Love You (usually just says love you, but she has said all three words a few times)
  • okay I will
  • okay bye
  • more please
  • sorry
  • yucky ew
  • spin around
  • have it
  • okey dokey (yes I say that)

Said for the first time July 28, 2010:

  • More ice
  • pillow
  • mom, pouring (as in rain)
  • done now

My favorites:

  • spin around
  • sorry
  • please (obviously ;)
  • careful please

New today July 29, 2010:

  • fart (said to me first thing this morning while getting her bum changed, then laughed super hard)
  • boat ride

New July 30, 2010

  • Thomas (the train)
  • shoo away bug (all three together for the 1st time)
  • becca
  • comfy

New July 31, 2010

  • monkey
  • bat

New August 1, 2010

  • coming
  • helping

Update Sept. 11, 2010:

              Okay, I’ve been horrible updating this list in the last month since I’ve been on vacation but Lucy has exploded in her verbal communication!! Like seriously, she can now sing full songs (twinkle twinkle little star) and say full sentences 5 or 6 words long. She says almost everything now…and it’s not stuff I specifically teach her but things she picks up on herself. Like tonight her Nan said she had something on her head and she goes “yes, cradle cap” perfectly clear! I’ve never told her to say that, she just heard me telling someone she still has it and absorbed it. I can have a full on conversation with her and it’s the greatest thing ever! I love this kid :)


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